There are plenty of incoming questions related to our Volunteers Registrations (which will be closed today, Apr 20), and we try to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

When will the event be held? 

For this year’s main event, unfortunately we are still unable to disclose event dates, due to one or other reasons. However as an estimate, our common practice (for now) is to open volunteers registration around 2-3 months prior to event.

On repeat, we haven’t announced any event dates yet (that’s why you won’t find it anywhere in this website. Not your fault).

Have you received my application?

Our volunteers registration is using Google Form, so if you submitted the form and get a thank you page, your application is highly likely already got into our database. We cannot confirm you one by one.
*By the way, did you read all the introduction before filling the form? We will contact the ‘accepted’ volunteers only. Thank you for understanding.

What will I get from being a volunteer?

You should google “health benefits of volunteering” (they say it may help you to live longer!) :D
Well, we cannot promise you something like get healthier or get payment. But based on our experiences, first, you will be able to network with a bunch of passionate and ambitiously inspiring people. Then, depending on your involvement, you will be able to develop new skills and get experience, related to large event management that are professionally handled by unpaid volunteers. Also, it would be good on your resume, as lots of companies and professional work appreciate volunteering experience, especially from a well established community.

If you still want more reasons, we would also like to hear from you, why are you interested in volunteering? :)

How many days are required from us to volunteer?

We did ask in our registration form, would you be D-Day volunteers or “full time” volunteers.
For D-Day volunteers it would be simpler, let’s say full day for D-day, and extra 2-3 days for technical meetings and rehearsal(s).

While for “full time” volunteers, here’s a rough idea: We have weekly or biweekly meetings during weekends, which mostly last 2-3 hours (you need to join these meetings), then there maybe additional tasks you need to do (individually or as a team) during your extra/free hours on weekdays. But it’s NOT like a full time work, we are team of volunteers, so we help each other as a team to keep up with the assignments, don’t worry!

These are the most frequently asked questions so far, and should it grow, we will keep the list updated.

Lastly, please don’t send your CV to intern or work with us. It is a great initiative, but these are not the applications we are looking for.

Good luck for the last day of Volunteers Registration!

TEDxJakarta Team

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