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TEDxJakarta 15th: Post-capital(ism)

Saturday, 9 December 2023

In the aftermath of a crisis, spanning the last three years, humanity reflects on the consequences of relentless pursuit of progress. The slowdown caused by the crisis unveils the overlooked aspects of life as vulnerabilities in our societal systems become apparent. Economic downturn, democratic and freedom setbacks, technological failures, and the numbing impact of social media highlights the fragility of the civilization we’ve constructed. The reflection prompts questions about the collective consciousness in the face of vulnerability, urging further consideration of mental health, genuine connections, and the true meaning of human progress beyond economic metrics.
Adaptation becomes the key theme, with those adept at navigating change, seeing the crisis as an opportunity to reset and improve their competitive standing, win out. The impending shift of the capital raises complex questions about equality, governance, and the fate of the city losing its capital status. The broader context of this pivotal year includes challenges such as accelerating climate change, shifts in leadership, transformations in arts and culture, evolving work dynamics, technological interactions, changes in business models, and a redefined reality. Amidst this whirlwind of change, the essential question emerges: will these transformations be punitive or serve as a catalyst for positive, inclusive change that benefits all of humanity?

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