TEDxJakarta 12th: Niyata (2017)

Do you remember Jurassic Park? When Dr. Malcom, the mathematician, shared his thoughts on why it’s unwise to have T-rex and friends romping around on an island, John Hammond promised that precautions were already taken to make sure that nothing will go wrong. Dr. Malcom replies with disagreement. “Life finds a way,” he said.
What does it really mean?

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TEDxJakarta 11th: Haphazard (2016)

As a human, we encounter chaos, irregularities and conflicts daily. Just as our life in this city, our existence is comprised of countless probabilities and risks. It’s rooted in our common sense to plan ahead, to anticipate. We try to weigh as many variables as we can in hope to overcome all randomness. We try to calculate the potential liabilities in order to dilute all damage controls.
We try to predict the unpredictable.
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TEDxJakarta 10th: New Endings (2014)

Now, are endings mostly frightening? Well, our answer is no. The end of a night means the beginning of a new morning. The end of school years means there are real-life opportunities to explore. The end of a story means we get to write a new one. This is why we embrace endings with much anticipation of another starting point.

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TEDxJakartaLive: SOUTH! (2014)

The world is changing fast. Fresh thinking can be found in every direction, in emerging geographies. TEDxJakartaLive 2014 is a full-day TED experience in the form of a slightly delayed screening from the third day of TEDGlobal2014: South! in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The program focuses on the Global South’s rise in influence and power — plus relevant stories from the rest of the world.

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TEDxJakarta 9th: Generation Anxious (2013)

Talk to people about their anxieties, and the same questions come up, over and over. Am I going the right way? Why am I doing this? Is this going too fast or too slow? We in TEDxJakarta ask ourselves the same questions. Are we doing what we set out to do? Are we spreading ideas to our community? How do we design our events to ensure the audience can meet, talk and be inspired by everyone around them?

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TEDxJakarta 8th: Deceptive Truths (2012)

This event was about the importance of addressing misconceptions to the public, the deceptive truths. Our speaker line up this time works on busting myths in society, the shared beliefs that are wrong and leads us to do the wrong things.

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TEDxJakarta 7th: Journey to Return (2011)

What is progress? And how can it empower our humanity? From the secrets of the natural environment from which we arise, to the values and stories that form our society; from the technologies and resources that enable modern life, to the ideas that define and protect our humanity — or threaten it. TEDxJakarta 2011 is a celebration of the old and the new that remind us of the basics and take us a step closer to the truths.

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TEDxJakartaLive: The Stuff of Life (2011)

On July 2011, TEDxJakarta brought a full-day TED experience in the form of a slightly delayed live screening from the second day of TEDGlobal2011: The Stuff of Life. In this event, we screened never-before-seen talks that are not yet available to public. Speakers from various fields such as techno-illusionist, rational optimist, and even underworld investigator will be sharing their ideas in the topics of: Future Billions, Emerging Order, The Dark Side, and Bodies.

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TEDxJakartaLive: The Rediscovery of Wonder (2011)

TEDxJakarta brings you the TED experience in the form of a slightly delayed screening of the second day of TED 2011: The Rediscovery of Wonder that will also take place in March 2011. This event will be a screening of never-seen-before videos and not available to public talks from speakers such as Bill Gates and JR. They will be sharing their ideas in the topics of: Deep Mystery, Worlds Imagined, Knowledge Revolution, Radical Collaboration.

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TEDxJakarta 6th: SomeThink Different (2010)

This event was dedicated to encourage attendees to visualize things differently and to act proactively in their respective communities to bring about progress and positive change.

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