TEDxJakarta15th: “Post-capital(ism).”

In the aftermath of a crisis, spanning the last three years, humanity reflects on the consequences of relentless pursuit of progress. The slowdown caused by the crisis unveils the overlooked aspects of life as vulnerabilities in our societal systems become apparent. Economic downturn, democratic and freedom setbacks, technological failures, and the numbing impact of social media highlights the fragility of the civilization we’ve constructed. The reflection prompts questions about the collective consciousness in the face of vulnerability, urging further consideration of mental health, genuine connections, and the true meaning of human progress beyond economic metrics.

Adaptation becomes the key theme, with those adept at navigating change, seeing the crisis as an opportunity to reset and improve their competitive standing, win out. The impending shift of the capital raises complex questions about equality, governance, and the fate of the city losing its capital status. The broader context of this pivotal year includes challenges such as accelerating climate change, shifts in leadership, transformations in arts and culture, evolving work dynamics, technological interactions, changes in business models, and a redefined reality. Amidst this whirlwind of change, the essential question emerges: will these transformations be punitive or serve as a catalyst for positive, inclusive change that benefits all of humanity?

Teater Keong Emas – TMII, East Jakarta
Saturday, December 9, 2023 | 9 am – 5 pm WIB


“A journalist veteran” can describe Evi Mariani. She has 20 years of experience and currently working as a co-founder and the executive director of Project Multatuli, a journalism initiative focusing on serving the marginalized in Indonesia. In 2020, Evi received three prestigious awards for the Post: IPMA Golden Award for Investigative Journalism, Tasrif Award and SOPA Awards for Excellence in Public Service Journalism. Prior to this, Evi was a managing editor at The Jakarta Post, where she worked for 18 years.

With poverty being a pressing and ever-persistent problem in Indonesia, dr. Vivi Alatas has been an ‘economist with a true passion for poverty research’. As a former lead economist for the World Bank’s Poverty program in Indonesia, she prepares evidence-based analysis and policy reports on issues related to poverty reduction.

dr. Alatas completed her PhD and Master’s degree in Economics at Princeton University, where she was awarded full scholarship. The reports she produced are important sources of reference for government, civil society, private sector, and development agency counterparts.

Max Mandias: Certified Plant-based Nutrition Coach and Chief Innovation Officer of Green Rebel, pioneering a sustainable diet revolution. From crafting 100+ acclaimed plant-based dishes at Burgreens to leading the charge in creating plant-based beef, chicken, and dairy-free cheese across Southeast Asia & named one of Prestige’s Most Influential Tastemakers in 2021.

As Max Mandias celebrates his 10th year anniversary, his contributions to promoting sustainable, plant-based living remain a testament to his unwavering commitment to a healthier world.


Mentari was born and raised in Sukabumi. As singer and songwriter, Mentari became known when she reached the top seven of the 2015 Miss Indonesia contest. She recently released a single entitled “Entah Sampai Kapan”.

In 2018, Mentari again took part in Miss Grand Indonesia and reached the top 10 rounds. Then, the following year, Mentari entered the world of acting by playing Alika in Raditya Dika’s film entitled Single 2. In 2020, Mentari decided to choose an independent path by producing her works under her own label, Novel Records.

Mentari graduated from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia after completing her studies majoring in International Relations.

Candrian Attahiyyat is a Jakarta native and a cultural enthusiast, a former civil servant in the Jakarta Provincial Government’s Museum and History Office.

Candrian’s love for archaeology was inspired by his grandfather’s tales of life during World War II, motivating his lifelong dedication to the field. Despite being 62 years of age, he remains dedicated to exploring historical sites in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta.

Currently, he enriches public knowledge of Jakarta’s history through videos on YouTube, showcasing his research and and most recent explorations.

Mpu Ibnu Pratomo is the man behind Pijar Komunitas Menempa Indonesia, a community that educates and revives the art of blacksmithing, emphasizing the cultural and historical aspects of weaponry and also aiming to instill cultural pride in the younger generation.

His passion for Indonesian traditional weapons began during his high school years when he explored the art of forging.

This commitment deepened while pursuing a master’s program in Fine Arts at ITB, where he immersed himself in researching and crafting traditional weapons such as the keris and kujang.

Ibnu’s dedication has earned international recognition, with one of his creations becoming a gift for Necmettin Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan.


Meet Alanda Kariza, an Indonesian Writer & Social Activist who embarked on her journey at a young age. At 15 years old, she founded the non-profit organization The Cure For Tomorrow and became Indonesia’s representative for Global Changemakers.

After completing her master’s degree in behavioral science and economics from the University of Warwick, she established a consultancy named Advislab. Advislab is a behavioral science consulting firm offering services to change beneficiary behavior and provide affordable informal education in behavioral science.

As the author of 11 books and possessing remarkable insights from her youth, Alanda has countless stories to share about contributing to various societal developments in Indonesia.

From Architecture to Artistry: Lala Bohang’s Journey of Creative Evolution. Born in Makassar and a Parahyangan University alum, Lala’s journey from corporate architecture to international acclaim as a visual artist and writer is a testament to her creative evolution.

Lala’s latest book, ‘In the Middle of Everything,’ unveils a captivating solo exhibition, showcasing her unique narrative style. Residing in Jakarta, she continues to shape the literary and artistic landscape, leaving an indelible mark with her mesmerizing fusion of text and drawing.

Introducing Reno Andam Suri, culinary expert and entrepreneur behind Rendang Uni Farah. Uni Reno modernizes traditional rendang, sharing its diverse Minangkabau variations globally.

Join us at TEDxJakarta 15th: Post-Capital(ism) as Uni Reno uncovers the cultural richness and global impact of rendang. Elevate your understanding of heritage and innovation.


Andesh Tomo is a researcher, architect, and urbanist who has dedicated over a decade of his life to unraveling the intricacies of Jakarta’s urban life. In 2020, he built Ramai-Ramai Jakarta (RRJ) as a hub for studying informality, shedding light on how informal elements shape the Indonesian capital. Through critical insights, he advocates for more effective integration of informal phenomena in urban planning, policy, economics, and culture. Additionally, he formerly served as an architect and community advocate at Rujak Centre for Urban Studies, providing architectural support to displaced communities.

Andhyta Firselly Utami or known as Afu is a former environmental economist with the World Bank, a graduate of Universitas Indonesia with a master’s in public policy from Harvard University. She co-founded Think Policy, a platform addressing intergenerational policy challenges through evidence and empathy-based approaches.

In addition, to raise her concern regarding the political discussions for the upcoming 2024 elections, in which she feels that it mainly focuses on charismatic leaders rather than issues, policies, and ideas, she co-initiated Bijak Memilih, a platform for everyone to easily find credible information about party stances on important issues.


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