The Team

Kartika Anindya Putri Kartika Anindya Putri | @tika_anindya

Tika Anindya is a co-Curator and co-Founder of TEDxJakarta. Initially known as the “Other Woman” (next to The Bald Guy and the Bubbly Girl), she watched the TEDxJakarta community grew tenfold in a year with part fascination and part disbelief. She is curious about how information shapes our humanity and how humanity shapes our information.

Arief AzizArief Aziz | @arief_aziz

Arief studied computer science in university. He didn’t like it very much. Currently he runs a consulting company in the field of Knowledge Management. He likes that better. He’s also an avid traveler and a scuba diver. He LOVES that. But the truth is, he really doesn’t know what he wants. This is exactly why he co-founded TEDxJakarta. He believes that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. He believes that knowledge should not and cannot be pigeon-holed. He believes in exposing and celebrating true role models. Above all he believes that balding is a condition, but being bald is a choice.

Karina SigarKarina Sigar | @karinasigar

Karina is the “Bubbly Girl” who believes that nobody is smarter than everybody and therefore everybody should learn from everybody; hence, TEDxJakarta. Never once did she expect that a small idea that originated in a corner of Bakoel Koffie would blow up to such a limitless world of TEDxJakarta that it is today. But this exactly what TEDxJakarta is all about: let ideas grow, no matter how small it may be at first. Don’t underestimate. Embrace and nurture. Karina is now studying law in Washington, D.C. As much as she loves being cooked up in the library until 1 in the morning studying contracts and property law, she hates being far away from the growing vibrant TEDxJakarta community.

Sandila EkaputriSandila Ekaputri | @sandilaekaputri

Sandila is a woman with many affairs. She can be spotted at times dwelling into the region’s pristine spots to dive. Or sometimes at random places trying to solve world’s mysteries. But most of the time, she can be spotted at JWT Jakarta, a communications agency, doing what she loves doing – connecting brands with people. She’s a finance graduate who ends up cracking human behavior only to realize that we have done too much of over-analyzing. She wishes to share a diverse point of view that can bring light at the end of the tunnel through TEDxJakarta. She also hopes to have her bit of Portuguese polished, though we all know it comes with a hidden agenda. Actually, with many balls in her hand, we all know that she’s just waiting for the right man to untangle the despair.

Lalitia ApsariLalitia Apsari | @lalitia

As she is one of those people who can use chopsticks with both hands, Lalit’s world is all about balancing the two poles. Her left brain loves working on issues in Indonesian culture and education policy, while her right brain challenges her to be a designer and interior stylist. She loves parties and having people around, but she loves writing and reading alone at home even more. Being among the TEDxJakarta squad is something she enjoys more than anything. Lalit never seems to have too much on her plate, figuratively and literally. People may have a hard time saying her name correctly, but it doesn’t take a lot getting to know her. She’s a mother first, and everything else second.

Irmayani SembiringIrmayani Sembiring | @rumahkopi

Irma first knew about TEDx (then TED) after a series of coinciding events that led her to register for the 4th event of TEDxJakarta on May 2010. From knowing nothing about TED and TEDx, the vibrant atmosphere of the event made her decide to join as volunteer for the 6th event on December 2010. She is also a volunteer of Earth Charter Indonesia beside her full time work at YPB – LEAD Indonesia, an NGO focusing on environment and sustainable development issues. Graduated from the University of Indonesia majoring in sociology, she has a deep passion for people and social issues. On a day to day basis, she loves to write, read and observe things, from small details into realms beyond thoughts.

Santi AlaysiusSanti Alaysius | @santialaysius

Santi is a spunky and energetic entrepreneur who follows her passion professionally and intimately down to her everyday life. She lived in the United States where she honed her skills in interior, architecture, fashion and graphic design for over a decade. Back in Jakarta, she co-founded Domisilium Studio, an Interior Architecture firm, doing what she loves doing and lends her artistic flare assisting the TEDxJakarta creative team. She believes in empowering her peers with words of encouragements and personal growth. A part-time vegetarian, an avid traveler and a student of life. She gets her buzz from hearing inspirational talks like TED and surrounded by free thinkers alike.

Wibowo SulistioWibowo Sulistio | @qriouslad

Bowo is a curious boy who ask lots of questions to himself, to others, and to the world. He finds pleasure in identifying dots and connecting them, especially on the interplay between systems in our world and the human condition. His dream is to live long enough to see all of us transitioning to a saner and more sustainable way of living as a species, and to play a part in that transition. All the ‘seriousness’ aside, he finds joy in simple things like having good laughs with friends, laying down under a starry night sky, and rescuing an ant from drowning!

Mulia IdznillahMulia Idznillah | @idznie

Soon after graduating from her architectural studies, Idznie realized she doesn’t want to spend 100% of her creative juice only as an architect. In love with photography and design, she enjoys freelancing and volunteering her skills. One of which is in coordinating TEDxJakarta’s creative team. She’s also an avid traveler enjoying the exploration of new places and experiencing the world from the lens of cultures different than her own. She appreciates every simple things in life. The blueness of the sky, the laughter of children, the smell of coffee, the kindness of a stranger, and of course, the spirit of TEDxJakarta!

Daniel GiovanniDaniel Giovanni | @qronoz

Graduated with a computer engineering degree from Binus University, Daniel is not currently surrounded by microprocessors or other such exotic electronics (just yet). Passionately sharing information in a multitude of ways, he found the right avenue to do (much) more of it: social media. He became a TED fan from the moment one of his lecturers shared Pattie Maes talk about The Sixth Sense. A couple of months later, he attended TEDxJakarta event for the first time, and later volunteered as the social media officer. He’s also a parkour practitioner passionately spreading this French-origin discipline to more and more people. He is currently active in Parkour Jakarta and Parkour Indonesia.

Anindya Mutiara DianingrumAnindya Mutiara Dianingrum | @anienmd

A backpacker at heart, Anindya is a positive and cheerful young girl. She is passionate about water and spent her time studying oceanography at Diponegoro University. Besides that, she is also enthusiastic in making handcraft items in her spare time. Started as a loyal volunteer, she now handles the venue and consumption of TEDxJakarta and actively spreads water related TEDTalks, especially TED Mission Blue. Her biggest dream is creating low-cost, easy-maintenance desalination units for people who have no access to fresh water in remote islands and coastal areas.

Natalia Turangan | @natalixia

Graduated with an architecture degree, Natalia chose to walk a different career path ranging from the IT industry to working for a company specializing in communication. That happened after she starts volunteering with TEDxJakarta. She didn’t know a thing about TED when she volunteered the first time in 2010. Watching several TED talks back then, she saw how wonderful it is to inspire people with great ideas, especially when you communicate the ideas like a TED speaker does. She continues to support TEDxJakarta because she loves to see ideas and knowledge being shared freely to everyone, eloquently communicated, and give inspiration to people.

Florentina NiradewiFlorentina Niradewi | @tolenlombo

Florentina is an outgoing person who loves to run. She believes that life is short and running makes it longer. As the only woman in AV Tech division – also to take the lead, she has remarkable team members who help her to run things smoothly in #TEDxBackstage. (Yes, AV Tech team created their own hashtag :)) Aside from that, she works in a creative agency to create integrated marketing communications plan for brand and to develop the business. She can be spotted mall hopping in Jakarta during the weekdays or chilling in Bali for a weekend all of the sudden.

Dion Maulana MohamadDion Maulana Mohamad | @DionMohamad

Inspired by the wealthiest fictional character, Scrooge McDuck, this proud Beatlemania strive only to become a sucessfull tycoon. TEDxJakarta servers as a catalyst to better himself, and true enough, starting out as an usher, he became the first project manager in TEDxJakarta (for the 9th event). He believes at what the community does, in spreading ideas by turning local heroes into rock stars. Majoring Business Management in Prasetiya Mulya, Dion ultimately aims at building his own Business Process Improvement Consultancy. Yes, this strawberry milk lover is using this bio as a chance to advertise himself! :)

Jazman BariziJazman Barizi | @jazmanyun

Jazman can be found anywhere, from being in the middle of a flash mob to being in the middle of a business conference. He is just the type of guy that loves everything and is curious about anything. You can easily look for him in a crowd by spotting a tree-like Afro hair, which is his signature hair style (psst, it’s natural). A Public Relations major in Padjadjaran University, he attended his first TEDxJakarta event in 2009 and loved it ever since. Volunteering in TEDxJakarta has always been a pleasure for him, and he can always make time for it. His wish is to be the world’s first Afro-haired Public Relations officer. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. :)

Ivan FauzanIvan Fauzan | @vanfauzan

Ivan is your future Civil Engineer, an avid Star Wars & Zombie fanboy and a huge supporter of Chelsea FC. Despite watching many TED videos before, he never really took notice of the TED and TEDx brand until he attended for TEDxJakarta in 2010. His love of TED, and all the inspiration it gives him drives his passion for volunteering for TEDxJakarta. His ultimate goal is to solve Jakarta’s (and probably other cities willing to hire him) traffic problems by majoring in Transportation Engineering at University of Indonesia. But you know what? …he also dreams of being a film director, interior architect, businessman, astronaut and a Jedi Grand Master.

Artanto IshaamArtanto Ishaam | @peppeishaam

Pepe is a person who really believes in the “magic of sharing”. Unlike your ordinary Information Systems student his passion is quite different from most of his peers. Loves to share, loves to meet new people, and loves to learn from others. As a backstage ranger of TEDxJakarta, Pepe has an obsession to utilize technology as a powerful tool to share positive ideas and encourage others to action. This part-time geek is a Digital Marketer and Business Development Strategist wannabe by day, and a stand-up comedian by night. Still looking forward to the next chapters of his life.

David IriantoDavid Irianto | @tygerd

David becomes a TED fan since 2008, when his employer introduced to him. Inspired by two TEDxJakarta events that he attended, he then volunteered as graphic designer. For a living, he design magazines, and to live well, he studies psychology. He is currently working a thesis based on Csikszentmihalyi’s TED talks on the state of ‘flow’. But the true reason he studies psychology is because he wants to add a science degree next to his art degree, to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming an artist & scientist. Yep, shallow. Still he believes that education is the easiest way to make a dream come true. FYI, his inner tiger smirks in pain whenever someone called him Dave. He actually hates it.

Bonni Perdhana ChaniagoBonni Perdhana Chaniago | @bonni_pc

Bonni majored in Marketing Management. He believes that knowledge can be obtained anywhere, at anytime, certainly beyond university walls. Volunteering for many off-campus activities, he believes it gave him priceless benefits which is beyond any material value or form. He sees it as another form of work and a way to help others. At one point, this gave him the opportunity to attend United Nation Conference in South Africa. Besides marketing, he is highly interested in communications and is currently learning the nooks and crannies of the social media world. He also loves photography, marching band, and can play tuba

….and all the other volunteers whose names we haven’t listed here yet.