The Power of Being There

Yeni Dewi is a modest house wife who lost her son after a long battle of fighting cancer. Her experience drives her to help other parents and their children who are still in the battle. Together with Komunitas Taufan, she extend extra hands to cover their daily needs.

Any one who has come face to face with cancer knows first hand the roller coaster ride it takes the patient’s family into, especially if it’s the child who suffers. Most people look back at the experience as a dark period in their life, but not for Yeni Dewi Mulyaningsih.

She uses her experience to come back to the hospital and support the families of other patients still very much in the battle against cancer and other high-risk illnesses. This is a story of light at the end of the tunnel, literally.

Yeni is the founder of Komunitas Taufan, a community of volunteers for children with cancer and high-risk illnesses.