Bass, Passion and Breakthrough

Refusing to conform to common pathway of people his age, Barry Likumahuwa took the courage of pursuing his passion in jazz music. With all kinds of musical instruments available in his house to explore and having the skills to play all of them, Barry finally chose one that he felt most in love with, the bass.

Winning one competition after another, composed, produced, and arranged songs for artists such as Glenn Fredly, Ello, and Tompi, finally Barry decided to start his own in 2008 with the Barry Likumahuwa Project and music that exudes burning passion and character. Amidst the overwhelming rules and theories of music, he chooses to rebel and instead follow the intuition of his heart in strumming his bass and composing and arranging his music, while proudly calling himself “anak jazz jalanan”. A maverick in the jazz world, Barry defines and leads the emerging young generation of jazz musicians.