Introducing: COUNTDOWN by TEDxJakarta

Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. Our goal is to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone.

Countdown invites collaboration from every organization, company, city and nation and from citizens everywhere. It is a movement open to everyone – and everyone has a vital role to play.

Join us and together we can actualize a safer, cleaner, and fairer future


29 January 2022


13.30 – 16.30 WIB


Online via Zoom

Speakers Lineup

Gita Syahrani

Regent of Sustainability

She is now the Executive Director to the Secretariat of Sustainable District Association or Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL) @kabupatenlestari – an innovative districts association working towards sustainable land use through collective actions.

Among her achievements, in 2019, Gita was
selected as the Asia 21 Young Leaders by the global Asia Society, the only one from Indonesia. In 2020, she also became the first Indonesian to be selected as Henry Arnhold Fellow of Mulago Foundation which recognizes and support leaders with scalable conservation solutions – and the chops to deliver them.

Agiel Prakoso

Peatland Watcher

He is a research analyst for Pantau Gambut. He manages and implements the investigation portfolio related to peatland protection and management in Indonesia. He also contributes to the development of virtual content of the independent monitoring platform of @pantaugambut.Agiel is a research analyst for Pantau Gambut. He manages and implements the investigation portfolio related to peatland protection and management in Indonesia. He also contributes to the development of virtual content of the independent monitoring platform of @pantaugambut.

Piotr Jakubowski

Air Watchdog

Born and raised in Indonesia, Piotr is a communications leader
dedicated to combining data and authentic stories in building awareness to stuff that matter.

With multi-years experience as strategist in advertising industry and his believe that technology can and should bring betterment for people life, this former CMO of GO-JEK now co-found @nafasidn , Indonesia’s largest air quality platform. With the power of data, nafas is bringing air quality knowledge and action to the people of Greater Jakarta.

Rukka Sombolinggi

Genius Loci

a Torajan from the highlands of Sulawesi, is the Secretary General of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara — AMAN), one of the world largest indigeneous people’s organisations. Before joining AMAN in 1999, Rukka worked for JAPHAMA (Jaringan Pembelaan Hak-Hak Masyarakat Adat), a network of Indigenous people’s defenders and one of the main groups that convened the first congress of indigenous peoples in Indonesia, in 1999.

Recently, she writes the Indonesian chapter of the Indigenous World, an annual global report on indigenous peoples by the International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Irwan Ahmett

Coastal Pilgrim

Based in Jakarta, Irwan Ahmett is an artist who uses art to illuminate social issues and question the nature of human interactions. Irwan often works together with his partner, Tita Salina. Their works have been exhibited within Indonesia and throughout Europe and Asia. Their tactical interventionist approach is developed in response to their experience of living in Jakarta, a megacity of 15 million people fraught with political power struggles.⠀

In their practice, they frequently translate social issues into events that unfold spontaneously in the public sphere as a form of “urban play,” generating critical alternatives to complicated issues. They have participated in projects and artist residences in Indonesia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Poland, the USA, and Germany.⠀

Dr Rina Agustina is an MD, and Master and PhD in Human Nutrition. Currently, she is the Head of Human Nutrition Research Center at the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI).⠀

She is one of the Eat-Lancet Commissioners on Healthy Diets and Sustainable Food System and lead author for Lancet paper on Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia and actively involves in International advisory committee (e.g New York Academy of sciences) and professional organizations: Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), and Medical Nutrition Association (PDGMI), also an ambassador of Food and Land Use (FOLU) coalition.⠀

Fani Atmanti

Builder of The Ancient

Graduated from Gadjah Mada University in 2011, Fani later earned her Master’s degree in Tsukuba University in which she received World Heritage Studies Best Paper Award. She’s currently residing in Tokyo, Japan where she continues her professional career as an Architect in one of the most prestigious architecture offices in the world, Sou Fujimoto Architects. ⠀

Her book on architecture Bawomataluo village, in Nias Island, describes the structural genius, conservation methodology, and its adaptive reuse for modern life has been published into a book.⠀

Faisal Irfani started his career as a journalist since 2017.

His work has been recognized and published in several reputable media including, Asumsi, Project Multatuli, Kumparan+, IndoProgress, and VICE Indonesia.

Currently, he is actively contributing to share stories worth spreading through his daily work at Narasi as a producer.


Forest Gumption

Earned her MS degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida, USA, funded by CIFOR-USAID Fellowship. Then, she worked at Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia and led Tambora Muda, a national level network for young conservationists.

She co-found PROGRES and has been co-leading the team with Ms. Anim, bundling the power of science and community to galvanize a grassroots movement to protect Sulawesi threatened yet overlooked wildlife.

She won the Peter Ashton Prize from Biotropica for her research on bats and durian, and has recently been awarded The Luis F. Bacardi Advances in Tropical Conservation Award.

Arfan Arlanda

Merchant of Soot

A tech entrepreneur who founded @jejak_in, a tech company that enables not only individuals but also companies & organizations to get involved in understanding and offsetting their own carbon footprint. ⁣

Arfan is also currently active in several associations and groups of initiatives such as the Sustainability Advisory Council at Gojek, and the Head of Industry for ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Indonesia to amplify more initiatives on sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.