Zaini Alif | Watch video >>

Zaini teaches children the fun of traditional games and toys through his social business, Komunitas Hong. He is also committed to reinvesting profits in children education, health, and wellbeing through his platform.

John Hardy

This trailblazing man challenges our views on suistanable business with his green projects. After selling John Hardy Jewelry, a global luxury brand, he and his wife Cynthia created the world’s first Green School in Bali. The school is a stunning piece of architecture built primarily with bamboo.

Derek Sivers

This modern day philosopher founded CD Baby, the largest online seller of independent music, and gave most of it away to charity. Esquire magazine dubbed him as “one of the last music-business folk heroes.”

Jubing Kristianto | Watch video >>

Jubing is famous for giving an imaginative sound to Indonesian traditional and children songs with his dynamic finger style guitar repertoire. He shares these valuable arrangements for free on the internet.

Ridwan Djamaluddin

As Director of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Ridwan lead a team of Indonesian engineers fearlessly to develop the country’s first tsunami early detection system. He is passionate about the ocean and in changing youth education.

Didik Nini Thowok | Watch video >>

Didik’s art is unique. He combines various Indonesian dance traditions and comedy to choreograph his world-renowned cross gender dance performances. His productions include Dwimuka (Two Faces), Kuda Putih (White Horse), the Nopeng and Walang Kekek mask dances.

Muljadi Pinneng Sulungbudi

Pinneng is an award-winning underwater photographer who has logged hundreds of dives to capture Indonesia’s indescribable beauty in frames.

Ewa Wojkowska | Watch video >>

Ewa left a decade of service at the United Nations to setup kopernik.info – an online marketplace that connects life-changing technologies with communities in need. Since 2009, her site has improved 47,000 lives reached through 31 projects in 10 countries.

Siti Musdah Mulia | Watch video >>

Musdah believes compassion is at the heart of religion. In her courageous work as Chair of Indonesian Conference on Religion for Peace (ICRP), she promotes interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and democracy to achieve peace. She is also a human rights activist and author.

Adi Panuntun | Watch video >>

A finalist with The British Council’s International Young Creative Entrepreneur 2008, Adi is the “design-thinker” behind the video mapping project at Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta that went viral in early 2010. Using film as his medium, he believes that design thinking plays a huge role in transforming a public space and prompting a new perspective amongst public regarding public space. He advocates a fun and playful approach to his works because he believes that any problem can only be resolved with fun solutions.

Betti S Alisjahbana | Watch video >>

Betti is one of the most celebrated businesswomen in Indonesia, notably known for her role as CEO for IBM Indonesia from 2000 to 2008. Since then, she focuses her time through teaching, consulting, and speaking specializing in leadership topics from corporate entrepreneurship, talent management, woman advancement, to innovation. She dreams to see a rising number of hopeful, optimistic young Indonesians to lead the country.

Chandra Tresnadi | Watch video >>

He is famously known to be the creator of NITIKI, an interactive-participatory batik game using multi-touch screen that earned him the award for Interactive Digital Media category at INAICTA Award 2010 by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. This young man spends his days as lecturer while passionately seeks ways to develop and socialize Indonesian batik through fun and new interactions.

René Suhardono | Watch video >>

Dubbed by many as CareerCoach, this vibrant man argues that not many people realize that passion, mission, and self-direction have replaced the concept of security, 9-to-5, and job description. Through his book, “Your Job Is Not Your Career”, radio talk show, and weekly column on national newspaper, René promotes a contemporary approach on how we should see our job, career, and ultimately, our lives.

Anies Baswedan – TEDxJakarta Speaker Update 2010 | Watch video >>

A former TEDxJakarta speaker, Anies returns to TEDxJakarta for the second time to share his “Indonesia Mengajar” (Indonesia Teach), a project he initiated in mid 2008 that sends Indonesia’s best graduates to areas lack in qualified teachers to teach in elementary schools. A passionate advocate for education, he believes that the idea of depending Indonesian development on natural resources must be shifted to its human resources and one way to elevate this is through education.

Sanggar Roda | Watch video >>

Sanggar Roda is a community founded and nurtured by husband-and-wife duo, Nano and Refni, who felt the noble call to facilitate and foster children whose lives depend on the hard life on the streets. The young people of Sanggar Roda hopes that through music, they can bring change to the area they live in and dream for a better future.

Irfan Amalee | Watch video >>

He is the 2008 International Young Creative Entrepreneur Champion who created the Peace Generation program promoting social entrepreneurship in Indonesia. His vision is to foster peace between races, tribes and religions. His community boasts over 10,000 youngsters – who themselves have created peace training centers from Aceh to Sulawesi.

Irwan Ahmett | Watch video >>

He fervently searches for the meaning of happiness through his art. His projects (“Change Yourself” and “Happiness Project”) and art movements displayed in both domestic and international exhibitions reflect this journey. He advocates a fun and positive approach to life as he continues to explore life’s toughest philosophical questions.

Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman | Watch video >>

Dr. Nurul felt the noble calling to return home after years of being a highly regarded Nanotechnologist in Japan. At the age of 40, this Best Young Scientist Award winner (LIPI, 2004), holds in excess of 10 patents and copyrights. He is passionate to teach and lead innovation in Indonesia so the country can unlock her rich treasure and become a force in groundbreaking research.

Barry Likumahuwa | Watch video >>

A maverick in the Indonesian jazz world, this self-acclaimed “street jazz musician” chooses to follow his heart in defining the tune and heart of the country’s jazz scene. He has composed, produced and arranged music for reknown artists such as Glenn Fredly, Ello and Tompi and continues to lead younger musicians through his Barry Likumahuwa project that he started in 2008

Ade Rai | Watch video >>

He is one of Indonesia’s most celebrated athletes. He has won numerous international bodybuilding championships and popularized the sport in the country. He advocates healthy lifestyle through his RAI institute, a center of fitness, motivation, education and research, and Adiraga magazine. He dreams to see a higher national life expectancy in Indonesia.

Ridwan Kamil | Watch video >>

He is among the biggest names in modern Indonesian architecture. As an architect with a love for green, he uses creative design such as maximizing pedestrian walkways to solve urban issues. He is famously known as the designer of Aceh’s tsunami museum and Rasuna Epicentrum (Jakarta). His house was made from 30,000 used Red Bull bottles.

Elang Gumilang

The 25-year-old entrepreneur who has built an multi-million dollar empire from scratch, talked about his inspirational work in property development, providing astoundingly affordable houses and health services for low-income society.

Wahyu Aditya

This young animator/ activist shared his idea about revolutionizing Indonesia’s image through contemporary & eye-catching designs with his Kementerian Desain Republik Indonesia(Ministry of Design of the Republic of Indonesia)

Kuno Kini

This ethnic-modern percussion band marveled the audience with their youthful, vibrant playing of Indonesia’s traditional musical instruments where everyone was tempted to get off their seats and dance to their unique tunes.

Anies Baswedan

Passionate advocate for education, while equipped with only a chart and a marker, he presented the challenges of our nation that root to the inequality of access to education. He is also the founder of Indonesia Mengajar “Indonesia Teach”

Tri Mumpuni

This ASHOKA fellow and micro-hydro social entrepreneur shared shocking data about our nation’s misdirected subsidies on oil and electricity and inspired us with her hopeful attitude toward these challenges and to take action.

Hokky Situngkir

Social complexity scientist HOKKY SITUNGKIR kicked off the show with his presentation on the fractal physics of Batik, and how his work in Bandung Fe Institution has mapped and concluded the complexity patterns of Batik designs.

Jacko Bullan

He gave us a rare performance of Sasando music, a nearly-extinct instrument from NTT. His passion in keeping traditional music alive is clear when he shared his dream of integrating music into basic education.

Yuyun Ismawati

This waste management expert asked the question: “How much do we know about our waste?” She shared the story of how awareness of waste and recycling will empower communities, with heartening results.

Willie Smits

An Environmentalist who opened our eyes about the immense potential of sugar palms, producing astounding data about the strength and economics of the plantation

Silverius Unggul

A social entrepreneur who delivered a wildly entertaining speech about his investigation in illegal logging, and his efforts in promoting community logging.

Marco Kusumawijaya

The urbanist was the first speaker who spoke about what we can do to our beloved city Jakarta by bravely taking up everyday actionsto sustain our city

Dr. Reynaldo Zoro

This awaited speaker illuminated the audience with striking facts about his field of expertise, the lightning, and how we should befriend it.

Hendro Sangkoyo

This man enlightened us Indonesians on things that we don’t know or pretend we don’t know about the ecological, economic, social crisis that is happening throughout our archipelagic nation. Hendro Sangkoyo is also a principal researcher at the School of Democratic Economics (SDE), a learning network he co-founded in 2007.

Yoris Sebastian

This man spoke about the currently booming creative generation in Indonesia and how we should all inject creativity in what we do.