We regularly receive questions from our website message or emails, asking “How to join TEDxJakarta?”. We translate this as “How to be a volunteer in TEDxJakarta?” as we happen to be a bunch of volunteers who eventually stick together to make TEDxJakarta events. Seeing us as an organization with membership system would be rather unfitting :).

What you need to do to is simply registering yourself when we open Volunteers Registration. There will be a form to fill, and you need to read it thoroughly before filling your answers.

As for when, we usually open volunteers registration when we have (annual) TEDxJakarta event in mind, or even when we had the event announced. However, this year we would like to deploy a different system. We’ll open volunteers registration quite early, so we can have adequate time to carefully read and select incoming registrations.

This afternoon, April 18, we’ll open the registration form, and it will be closed on April 20.
Please use your time well :)

Registration page/form can be accessed in www.tedxjakarta.org/volunteer2018/

The reason for this early open registration is mainly because the number of interested registrants are usually pretty overwhelming (thank you everyone!). Again, please read all the information in form carefully and thoroughly.

On additional note, we understand that not having an estimated date of event is quite a hassle for you. Please consider that at this first stage we would like to have better understanding about your profile and your interest. From there, all the applicants will be filtered, then we will connect further with the shortlisted ones, and talk more about their availability.

Hope this will be a good news and motivation to you!

Cheers from TEDxJakarta Team

PS: You can also click the image below to go to Registration Form

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