First of all, we would like to give a massive thank you for all submissions of TEDxJakarta Jagad Manusia scholarship! Thank you for the effort to write and submit your essays. We are truly humbled by everyone’s enthusiasm to attend TEDxJakarta Jagad Manusia, projected in the numerous interesting essays were received from our dear community.

Applicants’ acceptance or regret emails have been sent to all applicants today. Please check your email now, if you haven’t done so! If you don’t find it in your main mailbox, do check your spam first, and if you still can’t find our email, give us a shout at

Congratulations for the accepted ones! It is our great pleasure to welcome you to 13th TEDxJakarta: Jagad Manusia. Please note that your tickets cannot be transferred to any other person.

For the unlucky ones, please don’t let this discourage you to take part in TEDxJakarta community in other form or another time.

By the way, you can still register and get Jagad Manusia tickets until September 7th, 2018. Feel free to share this to your friends and come as a group.

Once again, a big thank you for anyone! Please stay tuned to our social media accounts and/or our mailing list for more news and updates!

Until then,
TEDxJakarta Team